Why Us

Every human being brought to life in this world by the Creator will return to their Creator. The deceased is dependent upon fellow Muslims from the time of death to provide assistance to deliver the correct funeral rites according to the Quran and Sunnah. There is a great reward to whosoever offers this service and is recognised as a community obligation (when it is fulfilled by one, the rest of the group are excused and if performed in an incorrect manner they will be accountable to Allah). Unfortunately, for many years, Muslims who are involved in the funeral service business are ignorant of the correct Islamic teachings and appear to implement innovated practices. They appear to be heavily motivated by generating a profit via a funeral service rather than ensuring that the funeral rites are performed in accordance with the Sunnah.

  • Most importantly GLM is a Masjid that strives to provide the community with the true and authentic teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. It is essential that such an establishment provides a funeral service that strictly adheres to Islamic law and the Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), Insha’Allah.
  • Currently there is no Masjid in the Midlands providing a Sunnah funeral service with appropriate guidance from the moment of death to burial and aftercare guidance for the bereaved family. This results in people of the Sunnah having to approach other madhabs (sects of Islam) who may or may not practice the correct funeral rites.
  • The Masjid is becoming increasingly involved in the community as it facilitates communal events and gatherings providing many services, a funeral director’s service is a community-based service.
  • Every Muslim has a fundamental right to be buried correctly in accordance with the Sunnah.
  • Many large to medium Masjids provide a funeral service or facility, however the majority allegedly adhere to non-Islamic practices.
  • GLM has a funeral facility which is accessible to the GLM congregation and the wider community.
  • A funeral director’s service can generate additional income for the Masjid so any monies generated from the service will contribute to the Masjid’s source of income and then be redistributed to other appropriate causes in accordance with the Masjid’s approval.
  • GLM funeral services will provide families with peace of mind that the funeral rites of their loved ones are conducted in an efficient and professional manner and most importantly in accordance with the Sunnah

The Team

Alhamdulillah, The GLM Funeral service is blessed to have a dedicated and professional team. The team consists of volunteer brothers and sisters who assist with the Ghusl, transportation and bereavement aspect of the service. The service is managed by a full-time manager who is accompanied by the masjids six Imams who are available for the funeral prayer as well as Islamic guidance at such a difficult time.

Shaykh Abu Usaamah

Shaykh Abu Usamah was born in New Jersey in 1964. He embraced Islam in 1986 and went on to study in the Islamic University of Madinah for eight years where he graduated from the College of Da’wah and Usool-ad-Din.

 Shaykh Abu Usamah has been very active in da’wah since the day he embraced Islam. He has been the Imam of various mosques in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
 Shaykh Abu Usamah’s zeal and eagerness in conveying the true message of Islam has led him to many parts of the world, delivering lectures and seminars, as well as translating for many scholars and du’aat from the Arab world.
Abu Usamah has been blessed in studying with some of the greatest scholars of our time and is currently the Imam of a masjid in Leeds, UK.