The Green Lane Masjid Funeral Service (GLMFS) provides an obligatory service to the Muslims of our community. Death is a reality that we all must face. The Green Lane Masjid Funeral Service was initially setup to provide burial advice and support. The expanding congregation and therefore demand have led to GLMCC providing a service in accordance with authentic guidelines stipulated under Shariah.

GLMFS has recently gone through a transition phase. We are now offering more than a ghusl, shroud and storage facility. GLMFS has expanded to include:

  • Wash room – where the body of the deceased is washed
  • Storage room – refrigerated storage chamber to accommodate 6 bodies
  • Relatives room – a small room where immediate family members may wait
  • Associated administration office and storage facilities
  • Private ambulance and hearse for transportation of the deceased


Furthermore, GLMFS now provides even more support and guidance:

  • GLMFS Team
  • How to arrange a funeral
  • What to do when somebody passes away
  • Who to contact
  • Ghusl and Shroud workshops
  • Training to become a Ghusl and Shroud Facilitator
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Funeral Guidance Literature


Costs of the funeral will vary, please discuss costs with the Funeral Director.

Contact Information

Green Lane Masjid Funeral Service
20 Green Lane
Small Heath
B9 5DB

Telephone: 07582 762237 / 0121 713 0099



If you would like to volunteer with the GLMFS please contact: