The Debate: Online Madrasah Vs Traditional Madrasah

The Debate: Online Madrasah Vs Traditional Madrasah

Are online madrasahs the way forward?

With the world around us becoming ever more challenging for our youth, keeping our children close by whilst they are still young and vulnerable has increasingly become a higher priority for parents. Gone are the days where you need to send your child to madrasahs five days a week for 3 hours and parents spending almost zero time with them at home. Today’s parents want flexibility, whilst not missing out on their essential Islamic education.

A madrasah suited for today’s youth

This is the reason our online madrasah has been an absolute hit with our parents. It has given parents a balance between fulfilling their child’s Islamic education whilst giving them time to develop close bonds and spending more time with them. The online madrasah enables parents to keep a close eye on their curriculum and how they are progressing. Knowing what your child is learning on a lesson by lesson basis equips parents with the knowledge they need to have further discussions to deepen their understanding on that topic, allowing for further education on that subject matter naturally. This has resulted in students being even more confident in topics and exceeding our madrasah teachers’ expectations and believe us this isn’t easy to achieve as our madrasah teachers have set a high bar. Meet our madrasah teachers here.

Online vs Traditional Madrasah

If you are still deciding whether you should sign up for an online madrasah then the following might help you decide in favor of the other. We really are not too sure many of our onsite student’s parents will choose to come back. Here’s why:

  • I’m sure you will agree that parents are extremely busy people! Cutting out the commute without compromising on their children’s education is a win-win situation for most.
  • Parents appreciate the fact that they can monitor their child’s learning.
  • Parents like the focused and efficient learning environment online.
  • Having more time with your child after school allows time to develop your relationship with your child.

Our parent’s opinions

“It’s so much more convenient not having to drop them off and pick them up. Our evenings have become calmer.”

“I like the fact that I’m not worried about my child being influenced by others or being distracted from his work. He can just learn and still have a little banter through the chat with his peers but the main focus is learning.”

“I find it’s a lot more efficient and effective use of time. The 1-1 aspect of learning is excellent.”

Don’t get us wrong, our on-site madrasah is hugely popular and we still have a waiting list with over 400 students on it alhamdulillah! We can now accept more students online and we would like you as a parent to consider this brilliant option for your children. You get all of the benefits of quality Islamic education and good company from the comfort of your home.

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Why GLM Online Madrassah

“My child is already learning Qur’an online, so why should I sign them up to GLM’s Madrasah?”

Good question. There are a number of brilliant online services that offer quality Qur’anic education. In our experience, however, we have found that these services don’t often come with an integrated Islamic studies programme. We believe that it is essential for children to have a strong grounding in their faith; this includes the Quran but also increasing in knowledge of Allah and His messenger (saw) through consistent and interactive learning.

We welcome you to take a look at our curriculum which incorporates Islamic studies, character building, and nurturing along with Qur’an reading and Tajweed. We offer the full package!

View the Madrasah curriculum here

The social, moral, and spiritual needs of each child are of paramount importance to us, and so we aim to nurture well-rounded individuals who are model citizens and future leaders of our community inshaAllah.

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