Sisters fulfil key roles at Green Lane Masjid

Over 1400 years ago at the time of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh), women were actively involved in the discussions, events and learning circles of the time. Women were never turned away from the masjid, or places of learning. The prophet (pbuh) himself would allocate a time in which he would address the specific questions and concerns that the women in his community had.

Learning about the deen was not something exclusive for the menfolk of Arabia. In fact, after the prophet (pbuh) passed away, his wife Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) would hold classes to teach the senior male companions, and answer their questions. She was an excellent scholar and is one of the seven distinguished companions who narrated the most hadeeth from the prophet (pbuh).

The early tradition of Islam delivers a rich history of female scholarship, women of incredible business acumen, and amazing women who formed the backbone of society, through the nurturing roles they played. In light of this, as Muslims, we must therefore make sure that we’re also providing women with the opportunities they deserve so that as a society, we can truly thrive.

Alhamdulillah, at GLMCC, we have a large female workforce. A number of sisters fulfil key roles at the masjid including management, head of departments, counselling, welfare, teaching, content creation, editing, PR and marketing. We also have a large number of female volunteers who assist during Ramadhan, conferences, and fundraising events. The perspectives, creativity and dedication of our female staff and volunteers, helps us to cater for our community holistically, without leaving anyone out.



Green Lane Masjid is a masjid for everyone.

Sisters young and old, from all walks of life, are warmly welcomed into GLMCC by our remarkable female staff and volunteers.

You can find out more about the important role the sisters play at Green Lane Masjid HERE.