Ramadan 2021 – What’s On?

What's On?

Alhamdulillah, our Dawah schedule for Ramadan 2021 is bursting with activities for the entire family.

 We have 10 unique classes taking place over Ramadan including our popular daily tafseer class with Sheikh Ahsan Hanif, a Tazkiya through the Quran series with Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim, regular Q&A sessions, activities for children, talks in Urdu and 2 exclusive classes just for sisters!

Improve the depth of your understanding of the Quran this Ramadan with Dr Ahsan Hanif. 

Join us every day during Ramadan for a reading and commentary of Tafseer As-Sa'di

Purchase the complete Tafseer As-Sa'di set and follow along!

Do you want to purify your 
heart this Ramadan?

Allah has told us in the Quran that fasting has been prescribed upon us so that we attain taqwa (God-consciousness).

But how do we build taqwa in our hearts?

Tune in to our all-new Ramadan series with Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim to discover how to purify your heart through the many noble qualities we find in the Quran.

Can you recite the 30th Juzz correctly?

What else is on...?

our Sisters!

"All of the (sisters) courses have been very illuminating for me. They have given me focus, a sense of belonging and hope."

Sadiah Ahmed

Get your children involved too!

Download our Du’aa Journal to help your children learn 30 amazing supplications from the Quran.

DAILY sessions in Urdu!