Evolution of Fiqh

Evolution of Fiqh


Date & Time: 14th September 2021 – 19th October 2021 | Every Tuesday (6pm – 8pm)

Instructor: TBC

Eligibility: Open to Brothers & Sisters

Fees: £35 (non-refundable)

Location: Online via Zoom

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Course Content

  • What is the Shari’ah and what does it consist of?
  • How did the Shari’ah evolve during and after the time of the Prophet (s)?
  • What are the sources of Islamic legislation?
  • How was the Qur’an revealed, compiled and preserved through time?
  • What is the sunnah? How do we know the sunnah is a valid source of legislation?
  • Are all differences of opinion valid in Islam? Did the companions differ amongst themselves?
  • What is fiqh and how has it evolved over time?
  • How important was the contribution of the Four Imams in fiqh?
  • What is Ijmaa of the scholars?
  • What is Qiyas and how does it work?
  • Is taqleed permissible in matters of fiqh?
  • What is ijtihad and who is a mujtahid?
  • What do the terms Wajib, Mandoob, Mubah, Makrooh & Muharram actually mean?
*NOTE: If you genuinely cannot afford the course fees please email education@greenlanemasjid.org detailing this and we will subsidise/waive the course fee as we don’t want to put barriers for you to seek knowledge

Event Details

Date: 14 September, 2021

Venue: Online

Phone: 0121 713 0080

Email: education@greenlanemasjid.org