Press Release: WIC Response to Attack on its Premises

Press Release: WIC Response to Attack on its Premises

21 March 2019


WIC Response to Attack on its Premises

Witton Islamic Centre (WIC) was unfortunately attacked yesterday in the early hours of the morning. The perpetrator used a sledge hammer to smash the front windows of the mosque. WIC strongly condemns the actions of the perpetrator and are working closely with West Midlands police and local authorities.

The risk from Islamaphobia has been on the rise for many years now. This form of hate has fallen under the radar in many aspects, including some parts of the media and our Intelligence and Security services. The tragic events from last week’s attacks in Christchurch have caused great concern amongst the Muslim community.

WIC appreciates the words of Councillor Ian Ward, Birmingham City Council leader, who said:

There is no room in the city for “hate and Islamophobia”. As we saw with last week’s tragic events in Christchurch, Islamophobia is a poison that cannot go unchallenged. As a city it is important that we call out discrimination and intolerance in any form and we will continue to do so.

For those that may be worried about attending prayers at the mosque, there will be an increased Police presence to reassure the community. The general message to the community is to stay calm but vigilant.

We all have a responsibility to report hate crime or suspicious activity by contacting the police in confidence on the Counter Terrorism hotline 0800 789321.

And we seek God’s help and protection in all matters.


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