Press Release: Manchester Attack 22/05/17

Press Release: Manchester Attack 22/05/17

23rd May 2017


Manchester Attacks 22/05/17

Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre, unreservedly condemns the cowardly and barbaric attack in Manchester.

The murder of innocent and defenseless people including children fills us with repulsion. The perpetrators of this vile action and their perverted ideology is an aberration of all humanity and all religions.

This is a mindless and despicable act, targeting the innocent and young in this indiscriminate manner. The perpetrators, whoever they may be, must bear the full consequences of their actions.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to all the victims and their families of this abhorrent attack.

We note that the Police are treating this as a Terrorist Incident, we urge our communities to remain calm and vigilante. We pay tribute to our emergency services who have worked tirelessly throughout the night in responding to this tragedy.

Let us remind ourselves and our fellow citizens that such criminals have no religion and therefore we should not condemn or demonize any single community and instead let us come together, regardless of belief, to further strengthen our efforts to remove hatred and build bridges of co-operation.

Once again, our response to this incident will only strengthen our ongoing work in exposing deviant extremist ideologies and to ensure that we safeguard vulnerable individuals susceptible to radicalisation and help recognise the real threat of terrorism in whatever form it manifests.

In association with our charity partners Human Appeal who have set up a Muslims for Manchester page which can be found at, we encourage the community to donate to support the victims. All funds raised will go directly to supporting the victims and their families.

We pray to Allah to protect our communities from such acts of evil.



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