Press Release: London Attacks 03/06/17

Press Release: London Attacks 03/06/17

05 June 2017


London Attacks: 03/06/17

Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC), unreservedly condemns the evil events that took place in London on Saturday night.

The terrorisation of innocent people is a cowardly and repulsive act which we at GLMCC strongly refute.

The fact that these crimes were carried out in our holy month of Ramadan only verifies how far from Islam these perpetrators are, it only proves how they have no respect for both faith and humanity. These criminals have completely disregarded the sanctity of all human life and have a distorted and perverse understanding of life and faith. This is a clear violation of Islamic teachings and all Muslims must deeply hate this immoral conduct.

Community cohesion is paramount in Islam and of utmost importance to GLMCC, we hope that this mindless act from a tiny minority will not override the hard work of the majority.

We at GLMCC will continue in our mission to Inspire, educate and serve the communities, to show the true teachings of Islam encouraging Muslims and non-Muslims to live a peaceful and unified existence and to eliminate radical ideologies.

This abominable behaviour must be addressed and we will continue to counter this with positive contribution and hard work in keeping our communities safe from such acts of violence.

We will continue our work with the youth to protect them from the likes of such evil – Young men should be building communities not breaking them. Any life is to be cherished not taken away.

At this increasingly difficult time we stand united with the citizens of London and all people who are affected by terrorism and we remind all that these heinous acts of violence must not divide us, rather it should bring about strength, unity and support among our communities. We must continue in our efforts to build bridges between faiths and communities and to respect all of humanity.

We thank our emergency services who have done a tremendous job in responding to this atrocity. We thank the police for their swift response to these incidents preventing further harm and all that they are doing to keep our streets safe.

We ask our communities to remain safe and vigilant.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the London attacks; peace be with you all.


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