On Friday evening, our community witnessed the tragic death of another one of our youths at the hands of knife crime. Yahya Sharif, 18, was fatally stabbed on Coventry Road in Small Heath, not too far from our mosque and sadly died at the scene.
As the investigation takes place, we remind the youth of the warning from Allah (God) of the severity of such a grave sin in Islam: “If anyone killed a person (unjustly) – it would be as if he (or she) had killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he (or she) had saved the life of all mankind.” Quran 5:32

Knife crime is becoming an increasingly harrowing reality for young people across the UK. The disregard for the sanctity of human life is extremely worrying but in addition, the impact left on bereaving families is life changing.

GLMCC has worked on several knife crime awareness campaigns and offers a wide array of youth support in a continued attempt to keep our young people safe. Notably, our Knife Bank was recently emptied and uncovered over 70 weapons ( We encourage any youth to utilise the knife bin to discard their knives and weapons.

Saleem Ahmed, Centre Manager at GLMCC commented: Here at GLMCC we are astutely aware that funding cuts to youth clubs and police budgets have resulted in a lack of support and safety for young people, which is why as a Masjid we offer activities and services for our youth, including Scouts, Youth clubs, football clubs and more. We also work closely with the West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit (WM VRU). We urge parents to remain vigilant and to not hesitate in reaching out to the Masjid, or any relevant support service like the Violent Reduction Unit, if you are concerned for the welfare of your child.”

A picture of Bishop Desmond Jaddoo (Yes to Life initiative) and Muhammad Ali (GLMCC Welfare and Youth Services Manager) after the recent emptying of the GLMCC Knife Bank in November 2021.

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