Press Release: GLMCC Partners with One Ummah Charity

Press Release: GLMCC Partners with One Ummah Charity

28 October 2020


GLMCC Partners with One Ummah Charity

Green Lane Mosque and Community Centre (GLMCC) has partnered with One Ummah Charity (OUC) to be one of its preferred charity partners for 2020/2021.

One Ummah is a non-profit charity organisation that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to those most in need around the world. It was founded in 2013 in the North of England by a group of dedicated people inspired by Islam with the desire to save lives. It has demonstrated very quickly to be one of the most innovative and successful Islamic charities in the UK.

The partnership was formalised by the signing of a contract at a ceremony held at GLMCC in Birmingham on Tuesday 27th of October. Riszwan Rehman (CEO), Imam Wajid Malik (Trustee) and Ahmed Sherif (Finance Executive) attended the ceremony on behalf of One Ummah Charity.

The focal point for the 2020/21 campaigns will be a winter emergency campaign and the setting up educational and development projects to help children and neglected communities in Africa.

Riszwan Rehman said: “Bismillah. We are honoured to be partnering with Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre, an institution that shares our core Islamic values and work ethos. We hope that together with the masjid and its congregation we can deliver even more life changing projects. We pray Allah puts barakah into this partnership and makes it a success.”.

Liakat Younis, the current head of Task Force GLM (the humanitarian aid arm of GLMCC) commented on how excited he was at the prospect of working with One Ummah Charity.
“One Ummah has demonstrated how it is a serious player in the world of international aid agencies. Its ability to quickly react to emerging disasters along with its long term vision of helping communities pick up the pieces and rebuild themselves shows their commitment. We look forward to achieving great things with them inshaAllah.”

Over the past 7 years, Task Force GLM, a volunteer-based organisation has raised in excess of £7 million pounds and has supported aid efforts in over 15 countries around the world. Some of the key projects have included; the Saving Syria campaign, which distributed over 6,000 tonnes of flour to Syrian refugees as well as orphan and widow support programmes.

GLMCC is also registered with the fundraising regulator to ensure that all its fundraising practices are legal, transparent, honest and respectful.

To learn more about Task Force GLM projects or to donate, please visit:


Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre
20 Green Lane
Birmingham, B9 5DB
Tel: 0121 713 0080

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