Press Release: GLMCC Masjid Closure

Press Release: GLMCC Masjid Closure

4th November 2020


GLMCC Masjid Closure


From Thursday 5th November 2020, GLMCC will be closed for all congregational prayers, including the five daily prayers and Friday prayer.

Another lockdown is imminent, and we must act responsibly to ensure the wellbeing of our community. As religious communities across the country continue to campaign for places of worship to remain open, at GLMCC we must act practically and swiftly in order to provide our community with the guidance they deserve. It is currently understood that while congregational worship has been banned, individual worship is still permitted. During the shortened days of the Winter months, the five daily prayers fall within a few hours of each other. For this reason, we have decided that for those who happen to be nearby, and in urgent need of somewhere to pray, they may request access at reception (Door C, located on Green Lane). Each individual must sign in, sanitise their hands and will be allocated 10 minutes to complete their individual prayer, after which they must leave the premises. This must not be in congregation and you may not arrive in groups.

The ban is disappointing and will cause significant ‘anguish’ for the Muslim community. Communal worship has helped many over lockdown, particularly with their mental wellbeing. A second lockdown will be extremely stressful for many, who may already be concerned about job losses, delayed weddings, finances, reduced social contact etc. We must do everything we can to ease this inevitable emotional stress.

In any case, and as always, we will strictly adhere to government guidelines and implement them with immediate effect at GLMCC. Regardless of whether or not government decisions will change, as believers, we remain proactive and positive. We are now entering into the winter months which present us with a number of unique worship-related opportunities. The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. We can make the most of this by fasting during the short days and praying qiyam al layl (night prayer) during the long nights. Ibn Masood (ra), a famous companion of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: ‘Welcome to the winter! Blessings come down in it; the nights are long for standing in prayer and the days are shortened for fasting.’ (Lata’if al Ma’arif).

Additionally, winter also presents us with the opportunity to increase in our service of others. Homelessness is on the rise and we see an increased use of foodbanks and welfare services. With cases on the increase, we may have another call out for volunteers to support our various services (food deliveries for the vulnerable, funerals, plasma campaign, etc). Please do get involved and help if you can.

We encourage our community to stay positive and stay strong. As your masjid we are here for you. We also have a number of dawah (outreach), educational and welfare projects coming up which we hope will brighten up your days and help you to nurture your relationship with Allah (SWT).

To read a joint statement regarding the closures from Birmingham Mosques you can do so HERE.

GLMCC Management



Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre is a leading UK mosque situated in the heart of Birmingham serving the community since 1979.  Operating from its award winning grade II listed Victorian building, GLMCC fulfills its mission of inspiring, educating and serving through its educational college, outreach work, welfare services, international humanitarian wing, as well as its fully functional mosque which is attended by thousands every week.


For more information about or work and services visit:




Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre (GLMCC) is a leading UK mosque based in the heart of Birmingham. Having acquired the premises in 1979, the trustees and committee members have been evolving the mosque and it’s building over the decades to create a mosque that acts as a hub for the local community, consisting of prayer halls for men and women, a community hall, evening school for children, educational institute, library and some accommodation. It also provides a funeral service to the local Muslim community.

GLMCC occupies a prominent corner position on Green Lane in Small Heath. The building was originally constructed as a public library and baths, designed by local architects Martin & Chamberlain and built in the redbrick and terracotta Gothic-Jacobean style between 1893 and 1902. It is a Grade II listed building.

Recognised internationally, GLMCC has circa 750,000 followers on Facebook. It is also the 2019 British Muslim Awards winner for Mosque of the Year as well as the Beacon Award winner for ‘Best Run Mosque 2019’.

A brief summary of some of the main activities and services operated from the centre:


Mosque Activities

  • Hundreds of people attending the five daily prayers from the mosque
  • Thousands attending Friday congregational sermon and prayer
  • Thousands attending congregational prayers, every night of Ramadan
  • Over 250 people fed each day over Ramadan
  • An imam Q&A run four times a week

Educational Services:

  • Adults education holding over 50 classes per week
  • A weekly children’s evening school run 4 days a week with over 400 children registered
  • A monthly kids Budding Believers club, a weekend school with over 100 children
  • A kids summer school, attended by over 200 children

Outreach Activities:

  • Annual conferences with renowned International speakers, attended by thousands
  • Weekly Islamic talks attended by hundreds and streamed online to thousands
  • Weekend courses attended by hundreds
  • Regular school visits to the mosque
  • Annual community days and exhibitions
  • Interfaith work

Welfare Services:

  • An Annual ‘Winter Freeze’ project, housing tens of homeless for many months over the cold season
  • Counselling services run by qualified counsellors, including a GP
  • A funeral service managing over 40 funerals and burials a year
  • A Foodbank that has supported over 3,000 families over the years
  • A charitable hardship fund (zakat/charity) service that distributes circa £60k to UK people and families in need
  • Ladies coffee mornings held every Thursday, attended by around 60 women each week, providing a much-needed social activity for many women, particularly those on their own or single mothers.
  • A monthly elderly social and lunch
  • A weekly food/soup kitchen, funded by Greggs
  • A community Street watch initiative with the WMP
  • A free weekly legal surgery in partnership with Aman solicitors
  • A free immigration advice surgery run with the Home Office
  • A cancer support group in partnership with Macmillan’s
  • An education advice support clinic for parents
  • A job club

Celebrate Eid

  • GLMCC runs the bi-annual Celebrate Eid event in Small Heath, Birmingham. This is the largest outdoor Eid event in Europe with 60k to 80k people attending. Arranged twice a year, this is a fantastic and fun community event for all, with a fairground, food stalls and much more. The event is run in partnership and supported by many organisations, including Islamic Relief, the Birmingham Hippodrome, Unity FM and other mosques.

International Humanitarian Wing:

  • Task Force Green Lane Masjid, is the GLMCC international humanitarian wing and has raised over £7m over the past 6 years for needy causes overseas, with over £2m raised in 2019.
  • From supporting the recent humanitarian crisis in Yemen to providing homes and essential support to Syrian refugees and orphans fleeing conflict zones, the taskforce provides a lifeline of support to those in severe conditions.
  • The team supports and has helped various NGO’s including Islamic Relief in establishing key projects around the world.
  • We currently provide ongoing support for an orphanage built and established in Lebanon, where Syrian widows were paired with lost orphans to form families that were then housed in the orphanage. A purpose built building was constructed to provide apartments for them to live and the organisation covers the annual living costs for these newly formed families.

Annual Social Campaigns:

  • The mosque runs several social campaigns, addressing different issues that are pertinent to the community. In 2019, homelessness, anti-knife crime and an environmental campaign were launched, receiving much recognition and traction with the community.


Other Major Activities:

  • The GLM football club, in association with the FA, holds 3 sessions per week for adults and children
  • Weekly Kick-boxing classes for kids and adults
  • A weekly women’s basketball session
  • A youth club for teenage boys
  • Weekly canoeing for kids
  • Kids cricket coaching sessions run in association with the English Cricket Board


There are many more activities run by the organisation, making the centre an active hub for the community.


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