Press Release: GLMCC Further tightens controls

Press Release: GLMCC Further tightens controls

28th January 2021


GLMCC Further tightens controls and encourages the community to remain vigilant.

‘And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole of mankind’. [5:32]

In light of the increasing number of deaths and the continuing strain on the NHS, we have placed further restrictions at Green Lane Masjid effective immediately. Jummah (Friday prayer) and the five daily prayers have been restricted to regular local attendees of only 50 people.

We are regularly consulting with Imams, doctors and public health officials and are hearing worrying stories of the immense pressure on the NHS, doctors and nurses. The advice from local Muslim doctors working on the frontline is that the situation is still at the worst point ever since the start of the pandemic. They have advised us that:

  • This particular strain is more deadly and affects a greater proportion of young and healthy people too.
  • Covid patients needing critical care admission are in grave danger; many do not survive from that point onwards as the oxygen demand is just too high.
  • Intensive care units are full and so the quality of treatment that people require is not being delivered.
  • Doctors are having to hold on to people for hours and hours on the admissions unit. Some are waiting for over 24 hours even though they are in immediate need of an intensive care bed.

On one night this week, a hospital doctor, who is also an advisor to GLMCC said that “we did not have enough CPAP machines (for assisted ventilation) – I have never worked in such conditions. The situation is probably similar or worse in other hospitals.”

Our Imams urge everyone to pray locally and to refrain from visiting other mosques. We also advise people to take the advice of doctors and experts seriously. It is a core teaching in our religion to seek counsel from those who possess knowledge, in areas we are unqualified in. Allah the Almighty says in the Quran, ‘Ask the people of knowledge, if you do not know.’ (21:7)

As a masjid we urge Muslims and other masajid to make fact-based decisions that are supported by experts, and to share guidance that is sensible and protective to society.

GLMCC Management