Press Release: GLMCC Campaign for Climate Change with Former Olympians

Press Release: GLMCC Campaign for Climate Change with Former Olympians

09 March 2020


GLMCC Campaign for Climate Change with Former Olympians

Leading Mosque, Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre (GLMCC), have teamed up with former Olympic coach and Olympians to raise awareness on climate change. GLMCC will be the first Mosque to fly two sea signalling flags to further their environmental campaign. The Mosque calls on communities and world leaders to do more to tackle the growing issue of climate change.

Former Olympic coach David Train, and his son, five times Olympian and world champion in canoeing, Andy Train, have spent the last twenty-six years addressing the climate emergency. Through their campaign they hope to support schools, faith institutes and community organisations in raising awareness on climate change.

GLMCC will serve as an advocate for this cause by raising two sea signalling flags. In sailing terms, the “W” flag means “Urgent Medical Attention Needed”- in this case, for our planet. The “E” flag means “Changing Course to Avoid a Collision.” Together, the two flags spell “WE” and convey the message that WE recognise that our planet requires urgent attention, and that WE must change our course to avoid a catastrophe.

As a ‘green’ mosque, GLMCC sees this as a natural continuation of their previous efforts to campaign for the environment. In a ‘going green’ campaign last year, GLMCC introduced environmentally friendly, reusable bottles to prevent the colossal waste of up to 30,000 plastic bottles during the month of Ramadan. The mosque urged community members to be more conscious of how personal lifestyles could compound to have adverse effects on the natural world.

In the Quran, Allah says, ‘And waste not by excess, for Allah does not love those who waste (by extravagance).’ (Al An’aam, verse 141).

Abid Khan, Group Scout Leader at GLMCC comments, “We all have a role to play in making sure that we keep global warming in the public eye. We do require continuing action from all our world leaders to ensure that we make this a safer planet for our children and those that come after us.

GLMCC continue to encourage families, communities and leaders to collectively make more sustainable lifestyle choices to protect the future of our planet.


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