Press Release: GLMCC and Exhibition Islam Partnership

Press Release: GLMCC and Exhibition Islam Partnership

03 May 2019


GLMCC Forms Exciting Partnership with Exhibition Islam

Exhibition Islam (EI) is a world renowned exhibition company that has toured the world with its Islamic exhibitions. Its work helps to promote a greater understanding of Islam by utilising alternative educational resources and rare Islamic artefacts to deliver professional “museum style” exhibitions.

As important as this work is, due to funding and operational constraints, the EI team has been reducing its workload over the past 12 months. In light of this, GLMCC approached the EI team about how we could ensure the continuity of this important work.

We are excited to announce that GLMCC and EI are now forming an exciting partnership.

Mohammed Naeem, GLMCC Trustee commented:

Alhumdulillah (all praise be to God), this is a wonderful organisation that sets the standard for Islamic Exhibitions. They have toured the world and thousands of people attend their events, including many dignitaries and even royalty. At GLMCC, we feel it imperative to support EI and help to maintain this incredible service for the Muslims. In such times where Islamophobia and attacks on Muslims are increasing, it’s important that we increase such projects and help to remove misconceptions about Muslims and our history

GLMCC will now be heavily supporting EI and forming a subsidiary type partnership, supporting its key operations and creating funding to ensure the longevity of the work. This will form an integral part of GLMCC’s impressive portfolio of projects and further strengthen its Islamic awareness and outreach work.

Having attracted over 1.3 million visitors over the past 20 years, Exhibition Islam has established its name as the leading Islamic exhibition provider in the World. Their events are fashioned in a modern style that allow visitors to discover the richness and intensity of the Islamic faith in a friendly environment.

To date, EI has exhibited at over 1,300 venues all over the UK and selected key venues overseas, including Denmark, Qatar, Norway, South Africa and many more. EI has delivered exhibitions at governmental departments, FTSE 100 companies, council premises, police training academies, prisons, hospitals, universities, schools, mosques, churches, museums, trade shows and a variety of other public events and platforms.

For details see Exhibition Islam Brochure and exhibition reports page for some of the previous large International Exhibitions reports:

The partnership was formalised by a contract signing ceremony at GLMCC in Birmingham on Friday 3rd May 2019. Imtiaz Alam (EI Co-founder and Trustee), and Hamza Alam (Co-founder) attended the ceremony and Imtiaz remarked on the partnership:

We hope that God blesses our work together. We are looking forward to working closely with GLMCC to complement their work. We will be exploring how GLMCC can help increase the reach of EI and are already looking into new innovative projects such as a mobile school bus exhibition.

This is an exciting time for all involved, with planning already underway for exhibitions and innovative dawah projects to take place on an international scale.

Keep an eye out for an Exhibition Islam event coming to your city!

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