Press Release: GLMCC & Birmingham Mosques Join Call to Save Lives

Press Release: GLMCC & Birmingham Mosques Join Call to Save Lives

9th September 2020

PRESS RELEASE: GLMCC and Birmingham Mosques Join Call to Save Lives

Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC) has signed a joint statement with 24 other Birmingham mosques to support the latest NHS Blood Plasma Campaign.

The NHS is currently running the campaign to get people to donate their blood/blood plasma for a clinical trial. The plasma from patients who have recovered from the virus is being used to treat other virus patients and has shown promising results.

In particular, the NHS is in urgent need of plasma from the Asian community. If you are of Asian heritage and you’ve had the virus, your blood plasma is more likely to have high antibody levels which could save the lives of other patients.

In talking about the campaign, Altaf Kazi – Head of Faith and Belief Engagement for NHS Blood and Transplant explained:

“Plasma donation is a way to help those who are in need. By donating plasma, you could help someone to survive from the virus. Plasma donation is safe, clean and easy. It takes about 45 minutes and your body quickly replaces the plasma and the antibodies.”

The awareness campaign with the mosques will run from the 11th to 25th September. GLMCC and other participating organisations will be creating awareness by producing videos, making announcements at congregational prayers and sharing social media posts to encourage the community to register and donate (#mosquesplasmadrive).

Mohammed Saeed, Chair of Trustees at GLMCC commented:

“This initiative has the potential to save lives, by the will of Allah (God). The Muslim community has been very proactive in their frontline support during this pandemic. We are hopeful that they will step forward again to support this campaign by donating their blood plasma.”

We encourage everyone with the following verse from the Quran:

If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the lives of all mankind.” 5:32

To register visit:


From: The undersigned consortium of Muslim organisations

Date: 8th September 2020

Subject: Joint Mosques Statement regarding the NHS Plasma Campaign

We, the undersigned mosques, have joined to encourage our Muslim community to take part in
the ‘NHS Mosques Plasma Drive’ between the 11th – 25th September 2020.

Throughout the ongoing Pandemic, Mosques in Birmingham have played their part; from helping
deliver emergency support to the most vulnerable through to enforcing social distancing and
taking the unprecedented decision to voluntarily close places of worship.

However, we are again needed to help create awareness about the urgent appeal for
Convalescent Plasma being led by NHS Blood and Transplant.

Convalescent Plasma is the antibody-rich part of the blood of someone who have recovered from
an infection. Plasma from patients that have recovered from the virus has been used in trials to
treat other Covid-19 patients and has shown promising results. Ahmed Bhayat from Handsworth
in Birmingham was one of the first recipients on the trial and said that the use of plasma has
(through God’s help): “probably helped to save his life”.

As a group of Mosques, it is important that we raise awareness of this clinical trial on how
donating convalescent plasma can potentially provide a lifesaving therapeutic treatment for those
suffering from the virus.

The NHS has also stated that the Asian community are more likely to have antibody-rich plasma
that could save the lives of people. We know that saving lives is a central
component of our faith, in fact, the Qur’an states (5:32)

“Whoever saves a life – it is as if he had saved humanity”

It is with this edict that we are encouraging those from our Asian community who have recovered
from the virus to donate blood plasma.

Over the coming weeks, we hope to create more awareness and direct people to the NHSBT
website, where they can obtain more information and offer to donate.

We believe that these actions could be crucial in saving lives and to help to build up plasma
supplies for any second wave.

Undersigned mosques:
• Green Lane Mosque and Community Centre, Small Heath, Birmingham
• Central Masjid, Highgate, Birmingham
• Masjid Al Falaah, Aston, Birmingham
• Bahu Trust, Birmingham
• Jami Mosque and Islamic Centre, Small Heath, Birmingham
• Amanah Masjid, Sparkbrook, Birmingham
• Masjid Eesa Ibn Maryam, Hall Green, Birmingham
• Attarbiya Masjid, Nechells, Birmingham
• Quba Islamic Centre, Nechells, Birmingham
• Wisdom Islamic Cultural Centre, Nechells, Birmingham
• Paigham-E-Islam Mosque Trust, Sparkhill, Birmingham
• Witton Islamic Centre, Aston, Birmingham
• KSIMC of Birmingham, Balsall Heath, Birmingham
• Markaz, Alum Rock Centre, Alum Rock, Birmingham
• Arrahma Islamic Centre. Small heath. Birmingham
• Al Furqan, Mahmud Sabir Masjid, Tyseley, Birmingham
• Huda Masjid and Community Centre, Newtown, Birmingham
• Muslim Students House Masjid, Balsall Heath, Birmingham
• Central Jamia Mosque Ghamkol Sharif, Small Heath, Birmingham
• Birmingham Council of Mosques
• MAB Birmingham
• Minhajul Quran International – Birmingham, Alum rock, Birmingham
• Eidgah Academy, Birmingham
• Zia ul Quran Jamia Mosque & Community Centre, Alum Rock, Birmingham
• Handsworth Jam-E Masjid & Islamic Centre, Handsworth, Birmingham


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