Press Release: Finsbury Park Attack 19/06/17

Press Release: Finsbury Park Attack 19/06/17

20th June 2017


Finsbury Park Attack – 19 June 2017

In the wake of the Manchester and London attacks, we yet again face another despicable terrorist attack this time targeted specifically on Muslims leaving the mosque in Finsbury Park following night prayers in the sacred month of Ramadan.  Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC), condemns this senseless attack and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

We commend Imam Mohammed Mamoud and the worshippers who showed restraint and calm whilst holding the suspect until the Police arrived which otherwise could have led to further violence.

It is important that we remain united at these difficult times and not succumb to the fearmongering caused by such abominable acts of violence.

As a community, we must continue with our normal day to day business whilst remaining vigilant and not allow such actions to disrupt our daily lives and thus not allow such terrorists to win. We will not be intimidated by those who seek to terrorise our communities.

We also urge the community to be careful in not spreading false news and consequently causing fear amongst the community. We must treat these incidents with utmost sensitivity whilst respecting and allowing the authorities to continue with their investigations

It is imperative that with the increasing number of attacks on Muslims that all victims of Islamophobia take the responsibility to report each and every incident in an endeavour to safeguard the vulnerable in the community. It is also vital that we report all incidents to The Islamophobia Response Unit at MEND; so that victims can get the support they require.

As we approach the end of Ramadan we invite everyone irrespective of race or religion to join us at our Eid celebration at Small Heath Park, Birmingham (the largest in Western Europe) on 25 or 26 June ( or indeed any of the upcoming Eid celebrations being held across the country. Our public show of solidarity in the face of unrelenting bile and hate-filled provocation is the greatest testament to a total rejection of everything vile and murderous that such extremists peddle.

We pray for justice for the victims of the recent atrocities and a swift recovery for the injured.

Peace be with you all.


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