Press Release: Congregational Survey Highlights Need for Security Measures

Press Release: Congregational Survey Highlights Need for Security Measures

14 August 2020


Congregational Survey Highlights Need for Security Measures

The places of worship (POW) protective security funding scheme is a government commitment in the 2016-2020 hate crime action plan. The aim of the scheme is to identify and provide security strengthening measures for places of worship and associated faith community centres at risk of criminal damage and physical attacks as a result of hate crime.

After making a first application in 2019, as with many other mosques and faith centres, GLMCC failed to receive any funding through the scheme, most likely due to the limited funds available and the high demand for the funds. The second round of funding was recently opened, seeking applications again (see link below).

As part of the application, GLMCC were advised by a regulatory body supporting the applications to conduct an opinion poll amongst its members to assess their feelings of vulnerability to hate crime.

The poll was constructed independently by the regulatory body on behalf of the mosque and received 154 responses. The following report includes graphs and an overall breakdown of the responses. The findings provide an interesting insight into the thoughts of the community.

GLMCC Vulnerability Survey Report

Keys figures include:

  • 6% of respondents being concerned about hate crime in their area
  • 9% confirming that they have been the target of hate crime, with 62 specific incidents cited

The report provides further evidence for government funding to support faith centres in implementing the necessary security measures for the protection of their communities.

Mohammed Saeed, Chair of Trustees commented on the findings:

It’s important for us to listen to what the community is saying here. It clearly highlights the significant number of hate crimes being directed towards the Muslim community.


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GLMCC Annual Report 2019

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