Meet our Madrassah teachers

Uthmaan Ahmad - GLM Online Madrassah Teacher

Uthmaan is currently a Qur’aan teacher at Green Lane Masjid and is also a valued team member of the masjid Zakat department.

Uthmaan has studied Aqeedah, Fiqh, Arabic, Tafseer and Tajweed with a number of teachers and scholars at the Masjid and beyond. As well as studying the sacred sciences, Uthmaan is soon to complete a degree in English literature, with a focus on creative writing.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our madrassah. He has taught Qur’aan and Islamic studies at Green Lane Madrasah for the past ten years and is active in volunteering and working within the Masjid in various roles and capacities.

Nurturing the Muslim youth of the next generation through education.

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Fatima-Zahra – Madrassah Teacher

Fatima is a GLM education alumni. She has been teaching the Quran & Qaida to our year 7 and 8 students for the past 3 years.


Fatima has studied Tajweed and Arabic in the GLM Sister’s Education Department, which has equipped her with the knowledge required to teach at the Madrassah.

Ibraheem Mannan – Madrassah Teacher

Ibraheem completed memorising the Quran at the age of 12 and thereafter achieved fluency in the Arabic language. 

He attended a five year intensive specialised Islamic studies course and has had the honour of being appointed an imam at several masajid. He has also been blessed to be in the company of some of the major scholars of our generation, such as sheikh Salih Al-Fawzan.


Ibraheem has worked with several Dawah organisations in spreading the message of Islam and comes with additional experience of working in the education sector, helping children reach their potential and achieve their goals.

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Ustadha Shaimah – Madrassah Teacher

Shaimah has practised tajweed and Quran privately for several years and enjoys sharing her knowledge through teaching. She has taught at GLM Madrasah for three years and finds that teaching the Quran and Qaida is a rewarding experience.


In her experience she feels that the key to success is practise and repetition. She finds joy in her seeing her students have fun whilst learning, watching them work hard, and never shying away from asking for help.


Give your child the gift of Islamic Knowledge from the comfort of your own home!

Meet a Madrassah student

Maryam - Age 11

Maryam has been a student at Green Lane Masjid Madrassah since the age of 5. She shares her experience of online madrassah via the zoom classes, the topics she has learnt about and what the teachers are like:

“We learn about the Prophets, the day of judgement, signs that will come near to the day of judgement, five pillars of Islam and the six pillars of emaan.”


"Having the Madrassah online has enabled my son to improve his learning further, which I didn't think was possible. It has the feel of 1-1 learning and the content is structured appropriately."
Ayaz - Parent

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See what our parents say

(Ahmed) Parent Testimonial

Ahmed recommends the online madrassah for various reasons. He feels that the online madrassah provides ease for the parents with reduced commuting which saves on time. 

He expresses that he feels as though the teachers at Green Lane Masjid can converse with the children in the language they understand and can relate to them.  He comments that the madrassah teaches the children about  characteristics they should imitate and emulate from the Quran, sunnah and stories of the companions.