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The Online Madrasah fees are £420 per year per child (just £2.76 per day!) and £650 per year for Hifdh students.

Parents can split the cost, paying £42/£65 per month for 10 months, with a payment break during Ramadan and August.

​We do not have sibling discounts as the Madrasah fees are already highly competitive.

Monday to Thursday and an additional class on Friday if students are on the Pure Hifdh programme.

The madrassah runs from Monday to Thursday 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm and and additional class on Friday from 5pm-7:30PM for Pure Hifdh students. 

No, this is an additional program which some students may choose to attend after completing their Quran and Islamic studies.
Students can choose to attend the Pure Hifdh Programme, however there is another application process for this.

Your child will have two sessions consisting of 75 minutes each. Their first session will be a Quran and Tajweed class. Your child will then attend an Islamic Studies class for the second session which will also run for 75 minutes.

Our recruiting process is rigorous. We exert effort into recruiting teachers who have both experience but are also relatable to the children. All successful applicants must be a qualified teacher or have extensive experience in the subject area. We obtain references and all teachers are DBS checked.

Yes, all of our staff and teachers are DBS checked.

Islamic Studies is taught according to the academic year group your child is in.
Qur’an is taught according to ability. Depending on your child’s level, they will either be in Qaida, Reading, or Hifdh.

Your child will be given Qur’an homework daily and Islamic Studies homework once a week.

A learning plan will be put in place with agreement from all those involved; the child, the parents and the teacher. The learning plan will then be monitored periodically and any feedback or changes made will be communicated to all.

The madrassah runs for 38 weeks per year. We have a two week holiday in winter, and 5 weeks off for Ramadan and Eid.

Your child will be taught in groups for Islamic Studies.

In the Qur’an lessons your child will have protected 1:1 teacher time each day, and group sessions in Tajweed or Qaida once a week.

Our Islamic Studies class size has a maximum of 28 students and our Qur’an class sizes has a maximum of 15 students.

We use various teaching methods to ensure that the students are engaged during their lessons.
Some of the techniques we utilise are: Quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, group work- via the breakout rooms, videos, worksheets, speech competitions and various other activities.

We follow the Qur’an and Sunnah according to the understanding of the Salaf.

The Madrasah’s aims are to fulfil the obligation of seeking knowledge in a caring and secure Islamic environment to endorse excellent manners and nurture future leaders of our community.
Our well-structured curriculum, behaviour policy and rewarding system aids us in encouraging excellent manners and moral conduct. We aim to instil true love for the deen within each of our students, as well as respect, compassion and care for others.
We recognise the great importance of the partnership between home and the Madrasah in producing well-rounded confident Muslims; we firmly believe that collectively we can offer a unique education to our children.

We use licensed Zoom accounts that are password protected with robust security settings for teachers and admins to ensure disruption-free virtual classes.

Parents can directly send messages to their child’s teachers via ClassDojo.

We regularly communicate with parents on ClassDojo.

Reports are sent to parents throughout the year and parents evening is held twice a year.

"I am so happy with my children's progress and Islamic knowledge. They know the role model they need to become and I see the difference in their characters as a result of their attendance."
Samera Ali

Nurturing the Muslim youth of the next generation through education.



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(Ahmed) Parent Testimonial

Ahmed recommends the online madrassah for various reasons. He feels that the online madrassah provides ease for the parents with reduced commuting which saves on time. 

He expresses that he feels as though the teachers at Green Lane Masjid can converse with the children in the language they understand and can relate to them.  He comments that the madrassah teaches the children about  characteristics they should imitate and emulate from the Quran, sunnah and stories of the companions.