Make Them Count

The ten days of Hajj are the most rewarding days of the year; automate your donations and make them count! 

The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are the best days of the years! If you do a good deed such as donating to the house of Allah during these days, then your deed will be multiplied greatly. Imagine how many bad deeds will be wiped out by this. Don’t miss out select an amount below and automate your donation. 

Shaykh Abu Usaamah

Shaykh Abu Usamah was born in New Jersey in 1964. He embraced Islam in 1986 and went on to study in the Islamic University of Madinah for eight years where he graduated from the College of Da’wah and Usool-ad-Din.

 Shaykh Abu Usamah has been very active in da’wah since the day he embraced Islam. He has been the Imam of various mosques in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
 Shaykh Abu Usamah’s zeal and eagerness in conveying the true message of Islam has led him to many parts of the world, delivering lectures and seminars, as well as translating for many scholars and du’aat from the Arab world.
Abu Usamah has been blessed in studying with some of the greatest scholars of our time and is currently the Imam of a masjid in Leeds, UK.