Mosque Open Day 2019

Mosque Open Day 2019

Hundreds come out to attend the GLMCC #VisitMyMosque Open Day

What happened?

  • Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC)  held an Open Mosque Day for the community on Sunday 3rd March at the centre.
  • The Mosque was taking part in the national Muslim Council of Britain #VisitMyMosque initiative.

Why did we take part?

  • With so many Mosques in Birmingham, it’s surprising that there are so many people who have still never stepped into a Mosque
  • A recent survey from the MCB revealed that over 90% of people in the UK had never visited a Mosque before, which is quite surprising when you realise how many hundreds of Mosques there are and the Muslim population is now rising well over 2m.
  • Our Mosque was taking part in the spirit of engagement and dialogue
  • We hoped to give members of the local community an engaging insight into the life of the Mosque and Islam and help to promote greater understanding
  • There are a lot of misconceptions about Islam and Muslims so such forums allow people to come in and see what Muslims are really about
  • It’s important that we have such open days to foster good relations in the community
  • We hope the open attitude of the Mosque and its people through such events will help in fostering interfaith and intercultural understanding in the local community

How did it go?

  • There were hundreds of people in attendance, many from the Muslim community and a significant number of non-Muslims who had never visited a Mosque before
  • There was great engagement with local people from all walks of life visiting for the first time and meeting with our diverse Muslim population
  • The building, with its unusual classical architecture, usually draws visitors from schools and the public throughout the year. We recently won the 2017 Conservation Award from the Victorian Society for the way that the building has been sympathetically renovated.
  • There was a large contingent of attendees from the Victorian society (about 14 members)
  • We had a future RE teacher attending to learn more about Islam and the Mosque
  • Many Muslims had brought friends and colleagues along to see the exhibition

What activities did we have on the day?

  • We had a full Islamic Exhibition which was set up by Exhibition Islam
  • We had a Jesus exhibition that was set up sharing the story and Islamic beliefs in Jesus and Mary (peace be upon them both). Many people not knowing the high esteem that they are given in Islam, with Jesus being one f the greatest of prophets and messengers. So such an exhibition helped to build bridges and show the link between the Islamic and Christian faith
  • We had a viewing of the prayer, where visitors could sit in a cordoned area to watch the congregational prayer, which is usually attended by over 250 people
  • We had a quiz and some children’s activities
  • We also gave a presentation on misconceptions, the Islamic belief and the role of our Mosque and its activities and services
  • We finished off the day for a group of guests (about 20) with a tour of the whole Victorian building, emphasising the history but also the current uses of the building with all our activities and services
  • And of course we had some food for everyone – samosas, pakoras, kebabs, sandwiches, tea, coffee

What was the feedback?

  • There was a great atmosphere throughout the course of the day, with people smiling and enjoying the activities
  • We received very positive comments in our feedback forms completed by attendees, with everyone scoring the event very highly
  • People particularly enjoyed the exhibition and viewing the congregational prayer
  • Many people asked if we could run an exhibition again and more regularly, which we are now considering

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