JOINT PRESS STATEMENT: NY Times Trojan Horse Podcast Revives Call for Resolutions

From:             The undersigned Birmingham Mosques & Islamic Organisations

Date:              24th March 2022


The New York Times podcast published in February 2022, by Brian Reed and Hamza Syed, has reignited discussions about the Trojan Horse Scandal, amongst the Birmingham community.

On 30th March 2022, a large number of West Midlands mosques and organisations will be supporting a discussion on ‘Trojan Horse: The Impact’, to be held at the University of Birmingham (UoB).

As part of a series of events organised by the Birmingham mosques titled ‘Under the Lens’, the events aim to discuss pertinent issues for the Muslim community, ensuring educated and specialist views.

The first ‘Under the Lens’ event was held in November 2021 at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, discussing Racism and Islamophobia. Panel members included Baroness Saeeda Warsi, MP Naz Shah and others.

This particular event has been organised in partnership with the UoB Islamic Society and the UoB Chaplaincy.

The event, targeted at students and community members, will provide the audience with an educated discussion on the impact that the Trojan Horse affair had on the Muslim and wider community.

Zarah Mohammed from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), one of the many Muslim organisations supporting the event, said:

“It’s important that this discussion is held. It will help with reconciling the various opinions on what happened but also focus on the impact on children, education and policies. A balanced discussion about what we can learn from one of the most controversial times for the Birmingham community and how we can productively move forward.”

The event is free, with limited seating. Tickets can be reserved HERE


Supporting Organisations:

    1. Students Islamic Society, University of Birmingham
    2. Muslim Council of Britain
    3. Birmingham Central Mosque, Highgate, Birmingham
    4. Green Lane Mosque and Community Centre, Small Heath, Birmingham
    5. Jami Mosque and Islamic Centre, Birmingham
    6. Witton Islamic Centre, Aston, Birmingham
    7. Al Hijrah Masjid, Small Heath, Birmingham
    8. Sultan Bahu Trust, Birmingham
    9. Muslim Students House Masjid, Balsall Heath, Birmingham
    10. Masjid Al Falaah, Kokni Muslim Association Birmingham
    11. Kowneyn Community Center and Masjid Attarbiya, Nechells, Birmingham
    12. MahmudSabir Masjid (Al Furqan), Tyseley, Birmingham
    13. Wisdom Islamic Cultural Centre, Nechells, Birmingham
    14. Masjid Attarbiya, Nechells, Birmingham
    15. Masjid Esa Ibn Maryam, Hall Green, Birmingham
    16. Abrahamic foundation, Smethwick, Birmingham
    17. Central Jamia Mosque Ghamkol Sharif, Small Heath, Birmingham
    18. Makki Masjid, Handsworth, Birmingham
    19. Jamia Masjid & Madrassa Faiz ul Quran Ghousia, Stechford, Birmingham
    20. Muslim Association of Britain