JOINT MOSQUES PRESS RELEASE – Coronavirus Bill: Forced Cremation of Deceased

JOINT MOSQUES PRESS RELEASE – Coronavirus Bill: Forced Cremation of Deceased

23rd March 2020


Coronavirus Bill: Forced Cremation of Deceased

On Monday 23rd March the Coronavirus Bill 2019-21 is due to have its second reading in the House of Commons. The current Bill due to be passed will allow local authorities to omit section 46(3) of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984; which had been designed to prevent a local authority from being able to cremate a body against the wishes of the deceased.

The legislation aims to manage a potential surge in deaths and lack of grave space capacity arising from the current tragedy, by stipulating cremations for all those deceased by Coronavirus.

The undersigned mosques and institutes understand and support the government’s efforts to tackle the spread of the Coronavirus. To date, under government guidelines, the undersigned have closed the mosques for prayers, educational classes, Friday sermons, children’s after school classes, large conferences and much more. Many are now supporting the effort by establishing emergency Covid19 services such as food banks and delivery services.

We wholly recognise the difficult decisions that the government is now having to make. Whilst we comprehend the reasoning of such legislation, we are concerned about the detrimental effects of certain elements of such a Bill being passed into UK Law.

We, therefore, make no hesitation in advising the government of the unfavourable consequences to the Muslim, Jewish and other faith communities. For such communities, the human body is a gift and a right. To cremate the deceased against their and the families wishes, is highly distressing.

The undersigned, therefore, urge the government to respect the wishes and religious practices of minority groups in the UK. Families will already be in a state of grief and for them to be forced into cremating a loved one, will only compound their grief and trauma.

We appeal to the government to protect the religious rights to burial and continue to work together with all communities in fighting Covid19 and caring for our vulnerable.

Dr Ahsan Hanif (Religious Advisor) – Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre, Birmingham
Zakaullah Saleem (Head Imam)Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre, Birmingham
Kamran Hussain (CEO)Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre, Birmingham
Shiraz Ahmed (Chairperson) – Al-Tawhid Mosque, London
Dr Suhaib Hassan (Secretary-General) – Islamic Shariah Council, UK
Toufik Kacimi (CEO) – Muslim Welfare House, London
Mohammed Ghafoor (President of the Masjid Committee) – Mohammadi Masjid, Birmingham
Shairkhan Jameel Ahmed (Executive Member & Minister of Religion) – Islamic Judiciary Board, UK
Saad Frej (Executive Manager) – The Wisdom Cultural Islamic Centre, Birmingham
Imran Asif (General Manager) – West London Islamic Centre, London
Omar Ibrahim (Executive Manager) – Quba Islamic Centre, London
Mataan Noh (Trustee) – Quba Masjid and Community Centre, London
Javid Iqbal (Secretary) – Witton Islamic Centre, Birmingham
Adil Parkar (General Secretary) – Masjid Al Falaah, Birmingham
Mohammed Imran Waraich (Trustee) – Masjid At-Taqwa, Leicester
Jawad Khan (Chair) – Birmingham Council of Mosques (BCM), Birmingham
Moain Uddin (Vice-Chair) – Birmingham Council of Mosques (BCM), Birmingham
Lamin Yaffa (Chairperson) – Gambian Islamic Community Centre Birmingham
Said Abdirahman (Imam/khateeb) – Masjid Al-Sunnah, Birmingham
Ahmed Aden abdullahi (Head Director/Imam) – Masjid Darul Elm, Birmingham
Naveed Ayaaz (Imam) – Muhammadi Masjid, Birmingham
Jama Osman Egal (Chairman) – Masjid Quba, Leicester
Hamza Jama Egal (Trustee) – Masjid Quba, Leicester
Adil Saleem (Imam & Head of Outreach) – Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre, Birmingham
Mustafa Hussein (Imam & Outreach Lead) – Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre, Birmingham
Abdinasir Mohamed (Trustee) – Alfurqan Community Centre, Leicester
Abdilahi Muhamad (Manager) – Alfurqan Islamic Centre, Manchester
Mohamed Ali (Imam) – Alfurqan Islamic Centre, Manchester
Ariff Olla (Imam & Khateeb) – Masjid: Masjid Taybah and Taybah CC and Education Centre, Leicester
Abdulkarim Hirsi Salad (Trustee) – Arrahma Islamic Centre, Birmingham
Rahib Rashid (General Manager) – Eidgah Academy, Birmingham
Mohammed Zaman (Secretary) – Masjid Hamza, Birmingham
Khalid Hussain (Trustee) – Salam Trust, Birmingham
Mohammed Yasin (Trustee) – Jamia Masjid Faiz ul Quran Ghousia, Birmingham
Maulana Abdullah Mohammad Ismail (President) – Jami Mosque & Islamic Centre Birmingham
Abdullah All Mamun (Imam & Khateeb) – Daarul Jannah Masjid, Birmingham
Tayyab Rehaman (Imam) – Qadria Trust, Birmingham
Abdul Hadi (Executive Member & Minister of Religion) – Islamic Judiciary Board, UK
Dr Dubayan (Director General) – The Islamic Cultural Centre London срочный займ без проверок