Green Lane Boys School

Green Lane Boys School

In 2011, the Trustees of GLM Educational Trust (GLET) an independent charity, embarked on a project to open an Islamic Boys Secondary school in the former prayer area and community hall of Green Lane Masjid.  This part of the building was in a serious state of disrepair requiring urgent works which if left for much longer would have meant that the area would have had to close on  health and safety grounds. Extensive refurbishment and rebuilding work was undertaken in the following two years to refurbish and redevelop the facility.  At the same time a team including the trustees of GLET, an experienced head teacher and other professionals worked on preparing for the setup of the school in terms of ethos, curriculum,  teaching staff etc.

In April 2013, an inspection was carried out by OFSTED to check whether we met the required standards by the Department for Education (DfE) for registration as an independent school.  The OFSTED inspectors were happy that we met the required standards and made recommendations to the DfE for registration.  We did not hear from the DfE until July 2013 when they asked for further information.  Building work completed in late 2013.  Due to the delay in the DfE’s response, it was decided that the school should not open until registration has been secured.  The DfE has still failed to register the school.

Since the start of the project until now, the landscape has significantly changed:

  1. there is a hostile environment surrounding Islamic schools
  2. raised sensitivities in the locality as demonstrated through the Trojan Horse scandal
  3. the opening of a number of other Islamic schools including free schools in the city

In light of the current circumstances, the trustees decided not to pursue the opening of an Islamic school whilst maintaining educational activities, within the new facility, which include:

  • Over 400 sisters attend various Islamic studies classes for around four hours each weekday in addition to the weekends.
  • Over 400 pupils attend the evening Madrasah between 5:pm and 7:30pm four days a week
  • Weekend Islamic classes are run for both brothers and sisters
  • Green Lane Islamic Institute for Sacred Knowledge (GLISK) runs courses for brothers & sisters aged 16 and over each weekday evening. This is a progressive seminary for those who wish to study Islamic Sciences in an academic and progressive environment
  • Over 200 boys and girls scouts use the facility twice a week
  • Short Islamic studies and Arabic language courses are held periodically

In addition to the above, other religious and community activities held within the facility include:

  • Overflow prayer space each Friday as well as in Ramadan etc.;
  • Various events including Conferences, Open days for non-Muslims
  • Iftar and Taraweeh in Ramadan
  • Fundraising events for various charitable causes
  • Members of the Community benefit from the new facility through our welfare services such as Coffee mornings and the Job Club
  • hosted a number of conferences and seminars for the sisters
  • Utilised by new Muslims through our support service to reverts, Islam Wise
  • Awareness events such as First Aid, CPR … and much more.

In conclusion, although we have not been successful in opening a full time Islamic school, the facility is being utiltised extensively for educational, religious and dawah activities.  We ask Allah SWT to reward those who have kindly supported this project through all the activities operating in the facility as a sadaqah jariyah – Ameen.