Our Madrasah is open from Monday to Thursday; from 5:00pm to 7:30pm.

Our Madrasah years run alongside the School year (apart from year 7 and 8). If a student is in year 5 at school then they would also be in year 5 at Madrasah.

Madrasah Salafiyyah Year Average Age Group (years)
Nursery 1 5-6 (Nursery)
Nursery 2 6-7 (Nursery)
Level 3 7-8 (primary)
Level 4 8-9 (primary)
Level 5 9-10 (primary)
Level 6 10-11 (primary)
Level 7 11-12-13-14 (secondary)
Level 8 12-13-14-15 (secondary)

Class Sizes and Teachers

At the Madrasah we have small classes sizes for Qur’an Reading and Hifdh classes to ensure each child gets protected one-to-one time with the teacher during the lesson; there are a maximum of 14 students per Qur’an teacher.

The Islamic Studies classes have a maximum of 28 students per class.

All of our teachers are experienced or fully qualified; they are tested upon appointment. All of our teachers continue to receive relevant teacher training throughout the teaching year.

All staff working at the Madrasah are fully DBS checked.