Green Lane Mosque Educational College aims to provide an outstanding education in an engaging and cohesive environment for each learner to excel; embedded within a safe and secure Islamic environment, promoting prophetic values to develop model citizens and future leaders of our community.

We will fulfil our mission statement by:

  • A commitment to ensure that high aspirations and expectations are set for all learners in terms of academic achievement, personal development and behaviour.
  • Setting standards of excellence in teaching and learning through the implementation of a well-designed broad curriculum, taught in an innovative way.
  • Providing an environment that respects and values the dignity, integrity and special needs of everyone.


To promote the pristine knowledge of Islam to learners of all ages by developing dynamic individuals who can benefit society by contextualizing their understanding of the religion.

Our Educational Service

At Green Lane Mosque we provide a range of educational services and classes, catering to all ages and abilities. These include:

  • Evening classes for adults in Arabic and Quranic studies; providing over 40 hours of learning each week.
  • Sisters Classes for Adults, which provide over 70 classes a week; including Arabic, Tajweed and Islamic Studies.
  • A weekly children’s evening school (Madrasah) run 4 days a week with over 400 children registered. The Madrasah has 26 classes running simultaneously from Monday to Thursday.
  • A monthly Budding Believers Club; a weekend school for primary aged children with over 100 children registered and attending