Exhibition Islam


Exhibition Islam is an independent, UK charity that specialises in promoting a greater understanding of Islam in the international arena.  It develops and delivers museum style exhibitions using the latest educational resources such as modern posters, historic Islamic artefacts, interactive models and other display items to showcase themed exhibitions.

By adopting a professional approach our exhibitions allow visitors to discover the richness of the Islamic faith in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Exhibition Islam has been at the forefront in the field of Islamic propagation and the education of Muslims and Non-Muslims in many parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Exhibition Islam has been showcased at 100`s of universities, mosques, shopping centre, churches, museums, libraries, prisons and corporate & financial centres.

Types of Exhibitions include the following:

  • Mobile Exhibitions
  • Permanent Exhibitions
  • International Exhibitions

Benefits of Exhibition Islam:

  • Create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for dialogue and interaction
  • Promote a positive outreach program for the indigenous public
  • Promote Islamic history and heritage amongst the wider public
  • Engage with the community to breed understanding of cultures and civilisations
  • Give Muslims the confidence to present Islam in a modern style
  • Empower the Muslim youth about their faith and history


For bookings and enquiries please email: mail@exhibitionislam.com

Examples of topics for the Exhibitions:

  • Introduction to Islam
  • The Creator – Allah
  • Prophets of Allah
  • Prophet Muhammad
  • The Noble Quran
  • The Quran and Science
  • Women and Islam
  • Hajj
  • History of Islamic Science
  • Living Islam
  • Islamic Architecture
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