Attack in Westminster 22/03/2017

Attack in Westminster 22/03/2017

23rd March 2017


Attack in Westminster 22/03/2017

We are saddened by the appalling attack in Westminster yesterday that resulted in tragic deaths and injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and their loved ones. We echo the words of our Prime Minister in condemning the “sick and depraved act of terrorism”.

Islam along with other religions exalts the sanctity of human life.  There is no justification for such a barbaric act on innocent people.

Such heinous acts of mindless violence must not be allowed to cause division and hatred amongst our communities; rather we must remain united and stand in solidarity with all.

Our response to this incident will only strengthen our ongoing work in exposing deviant extremist ideologies and to ensure that we safeguard vulnerable individuals susceptible to radicalisation and help recognise the real threat of terrorism in whatever form it manifests.

We thank the police and emergency services for their swift response in keeping our country safe and protected.

We pray to Allah to safeguard us all from such shocking terrorist attacks.


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