Al Isthigfar by Yousaf Jahangir (Student at the Islamic University of Madinah)

Al Isthigfar by Yousaf Jahangir (Student at the Islamic University of Madinah)

When one seeks Allah’s forgiveness Allah not only does Allah forgive that sin but he also covers it up and hides it.

There is no doubt that seeking Allah’s forgiveness is a major blessing upon us for it entails:

  1. Humbling oneself by accepting ones shortcomings.
  2. Accountability, where one Is remorseful for his shortcomings.
  3. Having knowledge of Allah where one knows from his attributes is that he is most merciful most forgiving.

Some examples of the importance of isthigfar in the lives of the prophets and messengers.

  1. Adam and his wife Hawa peace be upon them.

“They said, “Our Lord, we have done wrong to ourselves. Unless You forgive us, and have mercy on us, we will be among the losers.””

Surah Al-A’raf: Verse 23

  1. Nuh peace be upon him.

“My Lord! Forgive me and my parents, and anyone who enters my home in faith, and all the believing men and believing women; and do not increase the wrongdoers except in perdition.”

Surah Nuh: Verse 28

  1. Musa peace be upon him

He said, “My Lord, I have wronged myself, so forgive me.” So He forgave him. He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.

Surah Al-Qasas: Verse 16.

  1. Ibrahim peace be upon him

78.He who created me, and guides me.

  1. He who feeds me, and waters me.
  2. And when I get sick, He heals me.
  3. He who makes me die, and then revives me.
  4. He who, I hope, will forgive my sins on the Day of the Reckoning.”

Surah Ash-Shu’ara: Verses 78-82

  1. Muhammad may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.

Imam Bukhari reports the hadith where the messenger of Allah said: ” verily I ask Allah to forgive me over 100 times a day”.

Subhanallah, look at how vital isthigfar was to the lives of the best of creation, surely in emulating them lies all success.

In ending I ask Allah the most merciful to forgive us of our sins and make us of those who return to him in repentance frequently.”