Frequently Asked Questions: GLMCC’s Finances

The closure of the masjid has meant that many of our ongoing services for the community have had to stop. The masjid is no longer open which is affecting both us as a masjid, and you as our community. Prior to COVID-19, tens of thousands of pounds were coming in on a monthly basis alhamdulillah. This is no longer the case. Additionally, over £100,000 will be lost during Ramadan. The vast majority of our income comes through cash and card donations onsite.

At GLMCC we are careful to ensure that all funds are spent on services which benefit the community most. As aforementioned, we oversee the delivery of over 40 unique services alhamdulillah. As a masjid, we also invest a considerable amount of money in Dawah efforts. Regular tendering takes place to ensure good value across all services. Additionally, we have a multiple approval process for recruitment and rely year-round on a large base of volunteers who offer brilliant support.

The running cost of the masjid and its activities are entirely covered by the congregation which is a mix of weekly donations (jumuah and donation boxes), educational and activity fees, tenants’ rental and online fundraising. We have also started to explore local grants for our welfare work. As a masjid, we do not receive any Saudi or overseas government funding for our running costs. We did receive a donation from some donors in Kuwait towards the refurbishment of the building a few years ago, and they continue to support the IslamWise project. Other than this, all income is from the local community alhamdulillah.

We have furloughed a large number of our full-time employees. The remaining staff are fulfilling essential duties such as funerals, welfare and education. We have stopped all major projects and we have shut down most of the site except for key operational areas.

We have over 40 services which are run from our centre all of which require financial resource. These services fall under five main departments: Dawah, Welfare, Youth, Education and Operations (for a full list of services and financial breakdown please visit our website and read our annual reports). We recently won two awards from separate organisations for best run mosque in the UK. These awards are not mentioned in an attempt to elicit praise; however, we hope that it reflects that our work and efforts are recognised nationally.

If you look at the GLM annual reports, you will see that for the last few years we have had an excess of £2,000,000 coming in to our account. The vast majority of this money is raised by our humanitarian wing, Task Force GLM (TFGLM), for humanitarian projects abroad. This money has been donated to a specific cause so MUST be spent on what it was raised for. This is not our money to use – it would be both haram, and illegal. These funds come into our account and are then transferred to our charity partner.

As GLMCC has grown, naturally our expenditure has gone up. A key challenge we consistently face is that due to the success and growth of our projects (alhamdulillah), many are under the assumptions that we don’t need any money. As our services become more popular however, we have more users which then means we need to scale up. To reach new heights we need more funding.

We have assessed the essential needs of our community and have focussed our efforts on the following:

  • Covid-19 food delivery service for the vulnerable
  • Food bank now operating 7-days a week, instead of twice a week.
  • Our Funeral Service has partnered up with Central Mosque Funeral Service to take care of the many deceased brothers and sisters that we are now receiving.
  • Working with Loft25 to produce and distribute essential PPE for the NHS
  • Working with over 30 masajid to tackle issues pertinent to the Muslim community, like cremation and burials
  • Speaking with the Public Health Authorities to get clear messaging out to the community.
  • Our madrasah has now moved online with over 430 kids.
  • Our 40 weekly education classes have moved from the physical classroom to virtual online classes
  • Listening helpline for those who require emotional support during lockdown.
  • All dawah talks have moved online and we are now doing more than ever with international speakers providing their time and support.
  • We’re trying to show the true face of Muslims and Islam in the mainstream media through all this great work.

As Muslims, and as individuals, our primary objective in life is to worship and please Allah سبحانه و تعالى. In our work, no matter the scale of it, we must be careful to ensure that we are doing our best to fear Allah سبحانه و تعالى and being honest and transparent in the work that we are doing. As your Masjid, we hope that you can trust that we are here, solely to Inspire, Educate and Serve our community, with the help of Allah سبحانه و تعالى.

We hope that this clarifies any misconceptions you may have had, and that you can go away feeling reassured that we’re genuinely here for the community. We are all facing this together, and inshaAllah will come out of this closer, and stronger as a community.

We ask Allah سبحانه و تعالى to grant us relief from this hardship, and soon bring an end to this crisis, Ameen.