Key Fundraising Project

In the last 6 months alone Green Lane Masjid have served over 5000 youth, educated over 10,000 people and served thousands more through our welfare services. This is service and results on a colossal scale al-hamdulillah!

Do you want a piece of this REWARD?

All you have to do is donate the price of a bottle of water a day
  • YOU would get the reward for every prayer that is performed in the Masjid! Considering we have over 1,000 visits a day for salaah, you can do the MATHS!
  • When a staff member has to drop everything and speak to a youth who is thinking about leaving Islam and guiding them back to the truth, YOU get the REWARD!
  • Instead of your sins being wiped when you donate a few times a year, they are wiped out EVERY, SINGLE, MONTH!

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم  said that charity wipes out sins like water extinguishing the fire!

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