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Did you know that in just one month alone over 60 talks, reminders, courses and khutbahs will be delivered in various Masaajid and universities across the UK including a week-long university lecture tour, an intensive weekend course and many more events, some of which will take place at Green Lane Masjid.

In 2021 alone we have close to 1000 talks planned!

If you would like to be part of this amazing work being done and have a share in the reward please donate.

Remember every person that benefits or learns something new at these events, you will also receive a portion of the reward, don’t miss out!

If you donate you can gain a share in the reward for every act of worship and service the masjid provides!

The most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little.” [Bukhari]



View information on our educational offering as well as our Madrasah and ever popular Budding Believers Club

Islamic Awareness and Outreach (Da’wah)

Find out more about our Structured Courses, Exhibition Islam & School Visits.

Welfare Services

See the numerous services we provide which include Foodbank, Funeral and Zakah, Street Watch and more.

Humanitarian Relief

Find out more about the work Taskforce GLM are doing all around the world.