Duties At The Youth Club Session
 Ensure all equipment and resources are set up for the person that will be delivering the Tarbiyyah session/reminder.
 Monitor the delivery of the session if necessary, especially if the deliverer is new. Ensure that they must be careful not to insult other faiths or groups through the non-academic pursuit of language or discussion.
 Help assist the person delivering the Tarbiyyah session/reminder during delivery if need be.
Duties Before the Youth Club Session
 Liaise with the person delivering the Tarbiyyah session/reminder by vetting the content and structure of their session as well as organising the relevant resources to aide them in delivering the session/reminder at the youth club.
 Ensure during the vetting process of the material that will be delivered that none of it should incite any form of discrimination, hatred or intolerance towards any groups, organisations or individuals of different faiths, or that none of it should call for the breaking of UK laws.
 Ensure the Tarbiyyah session is dynamic and workshop based, rather than lecture based or if just doing a Tarbiyyah reminder then it is engaging and relevant to the audience.
Duties after the Youth Club Session
 Keep a record of the Tarbiyyah session/reminder on file, if ever there is a need to refer back to it.
Note: there needn’t be a detailed session/reminder plan, but recording down aims, content and general structure of delivery should be fine, insha Allah!
 Keep an itinerary of all Youth Club stock pertaining to Tarbiyyah and update this regularly (for Boys only)
 If need be purchase resources that would be needed to the effective fulfilling of your role after consultation with and authorisation from the Finance Manager (for Boys only)
Time Allocation to The Role
 Attendance to all relevant youth clubs (2 ½ to 3 hours every alternating Saturday for girl’s youth clubs but 20 minute slots in each of the boy’s youth clubs
 Time taken out during the week to fulfil other duties pertaining to the role before and after the youth clubs (no more than half an hour)
 Approximately 6 hours per month for girl’s youth clubs and approximately 1 hour 20 minutes per months for boy’s youth clubs