Duties At The Youth Club Session

Take pictures of or arrange for pictures to be taken of Youth Club sessions (not of any boys/girls or Volunteers), to add to Youth Club adverts. These should be sent to advertise no later than a day after the session.

Duties Outside of the Youth Club Session

Create and send an advert (poster) via email by Thursday, to be added to the Face Book page and other advertising platforms, advertising the main sessions that week Saturday.

Ensure the Youth Club details are up to date on the main Masjid website.

Ensure that a Youth Club advert to be added to the Newsletter by the 20th of every month.

Create an advert and poster for the other Youth activities on the GLMCC advertising platforms as well as for other advertising platforms if and when required.

Time Allocation to The Role

A few minutes attendance to each youth club session (to take pictures) or arrange for an attendee to take pictures and send them over.

Time taken out to obtain poster and advertising brief from relevant people and create poster and/or advert to send to all media platforms (this time is varied dependent upon the person fulfilling the role)

So total time is varied