Duties At The Youth Club Session
 Ensure all equipment and resources are set up for the person that will be delivering the Life Skills session.
 Monitor the delivery of the session if necessary, especially if the deliverer is new.
 Help assist the person delivering the Life Skills session during delivery if need be.
 Liaise with the Head to reimburse any Life Skills purchases made.

Duties Before the Youth Club Session
 Organise deliverers to deliver relevant Life skills sessions by informing them of the audience to deliver to and
 Liaise with the person delivering the Life Skills session by vetting the content and structure of their session as well as organising the relevant resources to aide them in delivering the session at the youth club.
 Liaise with person in charge of finances, to discuss finances for resources needed for chosen Life Skills session to be delivered.

Duties after the Youth Club Session
 Keep a record of the Life Skills session on file, if ever there is a need to refer back to it.
Note: there needn’t be a detailed session plan, but recording down aims, content and general structure of delivery should be fine, insha Allah!
 Keep an itinerary of all Youth Club stock pertaining to Life Skills and update this regularly (for Boys only)
 If need be purchase resources that would be needed to the effective fulfilling of your role after consultation with and authorisation from the Finance Manager (for Boys only)

Note: Life Skills sessions should be sustained sufficiently by the Youth Finances and it would be better if Life Skills sessions are chosen with their cost in mind. This does not mean that very expensive sessions will not be delivered at all, but only that they may have to be postponed for a time after discussion.

Time Allocation to The Role
 Attendance to all relevant youth clubs (2 ½ to 3 hours every Saturday – but this is different for boys which is 2 ½ to 3 hours every month)
 Time taken out during the week to fulfil other roles before and after the youth clubs (no more than half an hour)
 Approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours per week (12 hours per month) for girls and 2 ½ to 3 hours every month for boys