General Duties

Be at the youth club on time which is at least 15 minutes before
Leave the youth club no earlier than after everything is as it should be

Duties At The Youth Club Session

  1. Keep track of time with regards structure and timings of the youth club session
  2. Keep track of time with regards Salah – announce when this is to be performed and arrange for ample time for youth to make Wudoo
  3. Keep track of time with regards the Main Session and announce when this is to be delivered
  4. Monitor all the relevant roles of volunteers and ensure that they are being fulfilled and reprimand when and where necessary
    Note: You must know all the different duties within each role to be able to effectively do this.
  5. Do not allow any youth to leave the youth club session before the end of the session unless a parent/guardian comes to collect them.
  6. Advise volunteers on improvements if necessary.
    Note: Advice should be given discreetly rather than in front of others, as individual morale may be affected.
  7. Be approachable as a port of call for all the volunteers.
  8. Be aware of Fire Procedures and policies, etc.
  9. If a problem arises or if a decision needs to be made on the day with regards running of the Youth Club, etc, then the decision should be made by the Head, i.e. you. Shurah/advice from the other Volunteers
    can be sought, but the overall decision MUST be made by the Head and so accountability will be upon the Head.
  10. If it becomes absolutely necessary to remove a youth from the Youth Club, after at least 3 warnings of them breaking the rules or after committing of a serious offence, then it is by your discretion to phone the parent/guardian of the youth to ask them to come and take the youth away and/or in totally banning the youth from the youth club.
  11. Ensure there is no advertising or distribution of any other organisation or service within the Youth club.
  12. Ensure the Masjid premises are left clean and tidy (just as they were hopefully found). Ensure toilets are left clean.
  13. Ensure laptops and other items used have been put away safely and all items that should be locked (filing cabinet, store cupboard, etc) are done so.

Duties Before the Youth Club Session

  1. Recruit (using the Young Ummah Recruitment Process) and employ (using the Young Ummah Employment Process) all Youth Club volunteers pertaining to specific roles
  2. Ensure that all volunteers have their personal file up to date with 2 references, interview details, DBS check proof, Application Form, Contract, etc.
  3. Ensure that an accurate register of attendance is kept for all youth club volunteers. This should be recorded weekly on the Volunteer’s Database (this can be found on the Young Ummah Drive on the Masjid Network)
  4. Arrange a replacement Volunteer if necessary to fulfil any of the roles if a volunteer can’t make it. They should give you at least 48 hours notice so that you can arrange cover in time.
  5. Keep all their team of Volunteers up to date with any changes/improvements, etc with regards the Youth Club, via email/text, etc.
  6. Important changes to any youth club sessions such as cancellations or changing of location should be given to all volunteers by the Thursday.
  7. Keep Youth Team up to date with any developments/changes with regards the youth clubs
  8. Ensure all communication on Youth Wattsapp groups is related to the Youth activities and everyone adheres to this strictly.
  9. Give support or guidance to the team wherever necessary.

Duties after the Youth Club Session

Evaluate any improvements that need to be made. Liaise with the team so that improvements could be discussed and implemented in future Youth Club Sessions.

Note: Before actual implementation, ideas for improvements should be brought to the Youth Committee and only after Shurah will the actual implementation of the idea take place. We will then also further more do ‘trial and error’ to see how things will go before a permanent change takes place.

Time Allocation to The Role

  1. Attendance to all relevant youth clubs (2 ½ to 3 hours every Saturday)
  2. Time taken out during the week to fulfil other roles before and after the youth clubs (no more than half an hour)
  3. Approximately 2 ½ – 3 hours per week (12 hours per month)