1. Arrange for the register books for all youth clubs to be collected every 2 weeks, and update the electronic register on the Youth Club Registers (this can be found on the Young Ummah Drive on the Masjid Network)
2. Arrange for all new registration forms to be left in an allocated place, collect and update the Youth Clubs database with the details of all new members
3. Ensure email addresses of all registered youths are added to the contacts list on the Young Ummah email address.
4. Send out email correspondence to all youths as and when required, for e.g. when there is no youth club session then the youth should be notified no later than Thursday of the same week. (Refer below for a template message)
5. Answer all Email Correspondence with regards Young Ummah Youth Clubs through the sisters@youngummah.org email and or info@youngummah.org account on a regular basis.

Template Message

Assalaamu alaikum
For your information:
There will be no Young Ummah Youth Club session this Saturday 20th March due to Half Term
We will resume back on Saturday 5th April, in sha Allah.
Jazakhallahu Khairun
From Young Ummah

Time Allocation to The Role

Time is varied dependent upon the person fulfilling the role