Social Welfare

Humanitarian Relief

Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre has been involved in humanitarian work for a number of years.  The number of world disasters and conflicts has seen an unprecedented rise in the displacement of civilians who are the victims of such catastrophes.


Is Anyone There values the well-being of the community it serves. It has been setup to offer guidance and support to Muslims and non-Muslims in the community. We believe that emotional, psychological and spiritual therapy should be accessible to all.

Food Bank

Green Lane will issue food vouchers to local organisations. They act as referral partners and give the vouchers to people whom they consider need food. The people then come to Green Lane where they exchange their voucher for food.

Funeral Service

The Green Lane Masjid Funeral Service was initially setup to provide burial advice and support. The expanding congregation and therefore demand has led to GLMCC providing a service in accordance with authentic guidelines stipulated under Shariah.

Job Club

GLMCC, working with the Department for Work and Pensions launched a brand new service to help local people get back into work.  It covers a range of activities including: CV building, job search support, interview preparation and support, careers advice service, training workshops, benefits advice and supporting self-employed people.

Matrimonial Service

GLMCC will check mahram details when accounts are setup.  Thereafter the service is used at the individual’s discretion. Pure Match Introductory Marriage Service was setup by GLMCC as a response to demand from our community.

Sisters Coffee Morning

The Sisters Coffee Morning was launched in September 2013.  It provides a halal socialising environment for sisters.  Furthermore, it enables sisters to get involved with the Masjid.  Sisters who attend often bake cakes for sale, deliver workshops and seminars using their own skills and experience such as general health checks, diabetes awareness, crafts workshops or other areas of interest.

Humanitarian Relief

A typical volunteer works in a given role with set or varied hours.  This depends on what is required as part of the position and on how many hours an individual can offer.  For GLMCC, intention and being committed are the most important aspects.

Zakah Service

Zakah, unlike any other Sadaqah, is an obligatory form of worship.  Like Salah it has conditions which must be met, responsibilities which must be discharged and crucially – to have the correct intention of undertaking this great act of worship.