Structure of the Madrasah

Our Madrasah years run alongside the School year (apart from the last 2 years). So if a student is in year 5 at school then they would also be in year 5 at Madrasah Salafiyyah.

Madrasah Salafiyyah Year Average Age Group (years)
Nursery 1 5-6 (Nursery)
Nursery 2 6-7 (Nursery)
Level 3 7-8 (primary)
Level 4 8-9 (primary)
Level 5 9-10 (primary)
Level 6 10-11 (primary)
Level 7 11-12-13-14 (secondary)
Level 8 12-13-14-15 (secondary)

Class Sizes and Teachers

At Madrasah Salafiyyah there are a maximum of 13 students per each Qur’an teacher in the Qur’an/Hifdh classes and a maximum of 28 students per each Islamic Studies class.

All our teachers are qualified and tested upon appointment.

All of our teachers continue to receive relevant teacher training throughout the teaching year.