Structured Course (Fiqh 201)

The Fiqh of Business Transactions

2 Month ( 8 Weeks ) Structure Course.

Whether you are involved in a business or not, this course will be of benefit to you as we are all involved in transactions on a daily basis.

This course will cover many monetary transactions from the day-to-day transactions that every person is involved in to business dealings.

The principles learned in this course will enable you to deal confidently with money without fear of falling into Riba.

We will also be looking at various modern business transactions as one of the most difficult and confusing issues to Muslims in this era are the matters pertaining to the rulings of buying and selling.

Course content includes:-

Please note: that places on this course are limited. Course notes will be provided


The Fiqh of Business Transactions


Transactions and their classifications


Forbidden contracts and their understanding


The correct understand of Riba (Usuary)


Modern business transactions


And much much more….

Cost: £30.00*

Please note: If you are unable to cover the full cost of this course please contact us.

Every Wednesday beginning
11th January 2017
7:45pm till 9:45pm

Shaykh Dr Ahsan Hanif

Study with a qualified teacher
In a professional classroom environment.

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