GLMCC Policy for Overnight Stay

  1. Registrations will take place on the intended day of stay.
  2. Those registering for overnight stay must provide all details requested on registration form.
  3. Brothers and sisters must not leave the designated boundaries during their stay.
    a. Boundaries for brothers’ area: Main prayer hall, main wudhu area and toilets.
    b. Boundaries for sisters’ area: Sisters prayer area, sisters’ wudhu area and toilets.
  4. Brothers and sisters must not allow unregistered/unauthorised guests into the Masjid.
  5. Brothers must not enter the sister’s area and sisters must not enter the brother’s area.
  6. Brothers and sister’s area will be supervised. Questions & queries should be referred to the designated supervisor.
  7. The main Masjid entrance & sister’s entrance will be locked 1 hour after the last lecture and opened again after Fajr unless specified. Exit/entry to the Masjid outside these hours is not permitted except with the prior explicit permission of the supervisor.
  8. Lights will be switched off when the Masjid closes the doors. All conversations will be stopped at this time.
  9. Black bags will be provided for rubbish. Please ensure that the Masjid is kept tidy.
  10. A cereal breakfast will be provided in designated eating areas after Fajr, unless different timing specified by supervisor.
  11. Fire exits are clearly marked.
  12. Any queries should be made to the supervisor in charge.
  13. You will be asked to leave the Masjid completely for ANY un-Islamic behaviour or breach of GLMCC policies.

Green Lane Masjid is a charity organisation and therefore relies upon your donations to provide these services. Donation boxes are placed near the Masjid entrance for brothers and to the side of the stairs for sisters. Please donate generously.