Sisters Education Tarbiyah Department was setup to provide sisters with tarbiyah through Islamic education and life skills to practice in their daily lives.  The department has continued to grow bringing regular programmes and events for the community.

The department offers the following programmes:

  • Above the Throne – Aqeedah
  • Bow Down – Fiqh of Prayer
  • Islam Essentials
  • Life Contemplations – Tafseer
  • Establish the Prayer – Prayer Recitation Workshop
  • Seminars and Conferences

It is important that sisters are able to access regular, structured education classes enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the deen.  This will give them the confidence to be active members in the communities and utilise their skills to benefit themselves and others.

Each class is facilitated by a group of sisters who have experience in devising and delivering workshops.  As with any department which imparts knowledge, all taught material is checked and verified by the Imams and qualified persons at the Masjid.

GLMCC has been blessed with a growing congregation giving us the opportunity to follow through with more regular and related courses specifically for sisters.

Aqeedah Class

Aqeedah classes take place weekly to cover the basic beliefs that all Muslims should know and practice.  This lays the foundation for further personal growth as a Muslim and offers direction in how to implement the knowledge that you have gained.

The courses commence in September and continue to run in accordance with the academic calendar.  No pre-requisites or registration required.  However, it is advised that all sisters attend the entire duration of a particular module to benefit fully.

Islam Essentials

Islam Essentials course runs weekly on a 6 month cycle.  It covers the 5 pillars of faith and 6 pillars of eeman with particular focus on performance of salat, paying zakah, making wudu and taharah, ghusl and shroud, and the belief in the unseen.

The course is designed for Muslim sisters who were born into or have reverted to Islam and would like to study Islam with a view of gaining knowledge and understanding to practice Islam.

Ghusl and Shroud Workshops

This half day workshop covers the basics of funeral rites and how to prepare for death, the janazah prayer, performing ghusl on the deceased and shrouding.  It combines theoretical knowledge with practical workshops.

We encourage all sisters to attend the course at least once.

Bow Down

This 10 week course is run twice a year.  Following shahadah, salat is the most important pillar of Islam and the most essential act of worship that every able Muslim must perform five times a day.

This course aims to teach the students how to pray. The course covers the practice of salah and its fiqh.

Many students benefit from the course such as Sisters born into Muslim households, new Muslim Sisters, or sisters who converted many years ago but struggled to learn how to pray, or who want to learn how to pray correctly and learn the rulings.

Prayer Essentials.

Following shahadah, salah is the most important pillar of Islam and the most essential act of worship that every able Muslim must perform five times a day.

Workshops run once a month, most months of the year.

This 2 hour workshop aims to teach the students how to make wudu and pray the fardh prayers. An optional assessment is offered the following month.

It is aimed at everyone who isn’t praying or is unsure if they are praying correctly. Students can progress from this workshop and move on to the more comprehensive Bow Down course.

Sisters Seminars and Conferences

Sisters at GLMCC have organised a number of seminars and conferences The main objectives of sister only seminars and conferences is to:

  • Deliver programmes for sisters by sisters
  • Facilitate a closer interaction between speaker and attendees
  • Provide practical information on how sisters can implement and practice Islam according to their needs and circumstances
  • Encourage sisters to actively seek knowledge of the deen
  • Present positive role models for sisters
  • Expand opportunities for sisters to aspire towards teaching and spreading Islamic dawah

Seminars have been delivered by well-respected speakers both national and international, in English, Urdu and Arabic.

The attendance at the events has been testament to the success of these conferences.

Contact Information

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Registration Process

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