The Sisters Education Languages Department offers the following courses throughout the academic year:


Foundation Tajweed


Tilawah and Hifdh of the Qur'an

Tilawah (recitation) and Hifdh (memorisation) of the Qur’an


Surah Fatihah

A study of correct Tajweed with regards to the surah


Absolute Beginners Quran

for complete beginners who have no prior knowledge


Beginners Qur'an

for sisters who recognise the Arabic alphabet


Foundation Tajweed

split into two years, involves Tilaawah, Hifdh and Rules


Intermediate Tajweed

further developing Tilaawah, Hifdh and Rules


Advanced Tajweed

split into two years, preparing pre-ijaazah students


Arabic Level One

study of Gateway to Arabic books 1 and 2


Arabic Level 2

study of Bayna Yadayk Book 1


Arabic Level 3

study of Bayna Yadayk Book 2


Arabic Level 4

study of Bayna Yadayk Book 3


Each structured course has a set syllabus to suit the needs of the students.  Class sizes vary depending on demand but the limit is 25 students per class.  Classes are held in the new school building utilising modern teaching techniques to enhance the learning opportunities available.

Every student is assessed throughout the year to check her progress.  An annual exam is held at the end of the academic year and if successfully completed, the student will progress to the next level if she chooses to.

An end of year graduation party takes place to which all students are invited.


All teachers go through a rigorous recruitment and selection process.  To be considered, they must hold appropriate qualifications, pass various assessments including the ability to teach, and show commitment and dedication to the students’ development.

A teacher’s induction session takes place prior to commencement in the role.

All teachers have appraisals and must attend training in their subject areas as well as general training in classroom management.


All courses are one year-long commencing in September and follow the normal academic calendar.  Classes are weekly and are 2 hours long.

Students are expected to attend all of their classes and to continue their studies outside to successfully complete the course.

Join a course

Open days take place following the end of the academic year.  You are welcome to come along to make enquires, read through the material, and have a chat with the staff about the course that you are interested in.

Enrolment Days

To attend any course, each student must enrol at the enrolment days as spaces are limited.  You must bring a non-refundable deposit to secure your place.

Dates for Open Days, and Enrolment Days will be advertised closer to the time.


Fees will vary depending on the class.

Registration process

All courses are currently closed for new students. Details of when enrolment will commence for the new year will be posted here.

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