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Assalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh

Welcome to the sister’s activities section.  The sister’s team was formed three years ago, and by the grace of Allah, we have gone from strength to strength.  We now have a dedicated youth team, revert’s team and a non Muslim da’wah team.  We organize a range of events including Tarbiyyah programmes for different age groups, mother and toddler sessions, basketball sessions, ghusl and shrouding workshops, and fundraisers.  Our regular classes consist of Tajweed, Arabic, and an Islamic Studies halaqah. We also have regular Islamic Studies classes for revert sisters. More details for each item can be found below.

We welcome your suggestions, comments and queries.  To contact us, please email us at sisters@greenlanemasjid.org

Reverts Monthly support group (formerly known as Reverts Dinner) – Last Sunday of every month 5pm – 8pm

Whether you’re a new revert, almost a revert, or reverted 20 years ago, this is the perfect place for you to come and meet other sisters.

A member of our Reverts team writes about our ever popular Reverts dinners…

“The vision for starting the reverts group was to help create a sisterhood where all sisters can help each other to help themselves and live truly to their faith of Islam. The group is a platform where sisters from all backgrounds cultures, ages and experiences come to make new friends and talk about their experiences as well as contribute and exchange ideas ultimately helping to grow in their knowledge about the deen, and building on the vision of creating sisterhood."

Each month there is a themed discussion whether it be related to the Islamic calendar, aspects of dawah, relationships or other issues that are pertinent to the revert community. Each meeting has a reminder, notices, activities and normally a short talk delivered by a speaker. A creche facility has also been provided to make it easy for the sisters to attend. Since launching, there have been some great achievements and successes, these include:

10 Shahadas
Access to a mini Library
Raised approximately £800 in fundraising activities
Built a strong team of dedicated volunteers
Organised two successful events for non Muslims
And much much more.. But there is still a long way to go and so much more to do!

Mashallah all good things are from Allah SWT and we pray and hope that this project continues to go from strength to strength.

Tri Monthly Ghusl and Shrouding Workshop

Would you know what to do if a loved one passed away? At that moment of intense pain, emotion, anguish, it's very important that we are all equipped with the ability to send off our deceased in the best way possible.  This workshop practically and step by step takes you through the whole process of the ghusl and the shrouding. The workshop takes place in the funeral facilities, so that attendees can see the actual logistics and the resources that are available.  The format of the workshop is as follows:

Short reminder on death

The Ghusl process

The shrouding Process

Practical group work – Shrouding

The workshop is taught by sisters who Alhamdulillah have a wealth of experience in delivering the workshop.  The workshop is usually advertised via the mailing list.  If you are interested in attending the next one, please email sisters@greenlanemasjid.org

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