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Madrasah Salafiyyah

Contact Person: Sister Sarvat

Email: madrasahadmin@greenlanemasjid.org

Telephone: 0121 713 0092

Islamic Studies

Madrasah Salafiyyah will be re-opening on 8th October 2012 inshaAllah.

The mission of Madrasah Salafiyah is to educate and prepare each generation of students with the correct knowledge and understanding of the religion of Islam. Our goal is to ensure that each student leaves the madrasah with the correct knowledge, wisdom, character and life skills in order to receive the best possible outcome in their life both spiritually and morally. We aim to use the best and most effective methods of teaching, closely adhering to the Islamic vision as it exists in the authentic teachings found in the Qur’an and the Prophetic teachings of the final messenger Peace be upon him.At Madrasah Salafiyah, the teaching methods we incorporate are aimed at developing a child’s mind into understanding the religion of Islam, so they could implement the teachings which are found in the Quran. Therefore, lessons concentrating on memorising and understanding du’as, hadeeth, seerah, fiqh, salah, surahs, and developing akhlaq and good character are at the forefront of our educational outlook and ethos.


Birmingham City Council LEA

Saltley Plus Committee

Cole Heath Cluster Committee

Wyndcliffe Primary School

Marlborough Junior School

Madrasah Goals

The goals of Madrasah Salafiyah are the following:

• To give each child the best start in life in understanding the religion of Islam based on the authentic teachings found in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

• To promote the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for the correct understanding and educational development to take place.

• To promote respect for different nationalities and cultures found within Islam.

• To foster awareness of the rights, responsibilities of each student as a law abiding Muslim citizen.

• To establish an environment that facilitates excellence in Islamic education.


Madrasah Salafiyah management and staff share a mutual objective, an objective which resonates the Madrasah motto, in ‘Educating Muslim students today for a better tomorrow’.

Madrasah Salafiyah is sectioned into 2 distinct faculties. The Islamic studies department and the Hifdh department.

Overview of subjects taught in Islamic studies department

• Tahfeez of the Holy Quran

• Memorising chapters 29/ 30 of the Holy Quran

• Tawheed

• Memorisation and understanding of 40 Ahadeeth

• Fiqh of Salah/tahara/ based on authentic hadeeth

• Seerah

• Memorisation of Duas

• Developing Akhlaq and good manners

• Khutba presentations and speeches

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